Sunday, February 1, 2009

Final Pictures

Hi Every one this was long overdue, the proyect was completed last July. And has since be closed and the machine donated to EAFIT the local university where we build it. I uploaded a bunch of pictures to my picasa acconut. here is the link:

Picasa public album and my facebook group for open source CNC

Plus there as some cool video in youtube

And a slide show


fenn said...

let's see it cut some metal

budyono lukito said...

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keith said...

Its a nice site images are good, very simple shop nice corner though..keep it up..

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Stephanie said...

Looks like an incredible cnc milling machine. I love the neon green. Awesome that you donated it to the univeristy as well!

Francois Plessis said...

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Ajay Kumar said...

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Anonymous said...

The CNC machine looks a lot smaller without people standing next to it. It's pretty cool to see how something like that can turn a normal block of wood or metal into something useful. I would suggest that if you are looking at getting custom made wood or metal products made, then you should look at getting the help of a CNC machinist.

Seo Webcraft said...

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