Sunday, April 20, 2008

Last weeks stretch

If anyone has ever worked on a project where you design as you go you will certainly understand what it is like to be on the last week before a project is due. All he things that did not get enough attention during design are now screaming back at you "see I told you , but you never listen...."

Actually it is not that bad but we can feel the pressure. Last week we accomplish some big mile stones. The electronics where completed and the mayor machining of the casting was delivered. The one thing that can be a problem is a single draw bar (it holds the tool on the spindle) which is being shipped overnight on Monday. I don't know what overnight to Colombia form the US is like, so I am crossing my fingers.

Now some cool pictures

Here you can see that we have all three axis on them machine....
this is me smiling after finally assembling the Z axis with the spindle and drive pulley.

Interior of the machine being fitted.. We will later paint this with urethane paint (car paint). I actually got the MFG green and blue colors ready mixed so we have only to decide which parts we paint blue and which parts green.


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