Thursday, February 21, 2008

Spindle Head

Feb 19th.

Part of my luggage still has not arrived. This was upsetting; the Y travel ball screw is missing as well as a number of pieces that we need to proceed, such as the inserts. After a call to AA in the US, because apparently they don’t give out information to the Colombian agents (upsetting to know) it turns out my luggage had been sitting in Boston for over 12 hours before being sent to MIA. But it did arrive today, the airline arranged for a driver to take me to the airport because we still need to go through customs. Everything arrived just fine but I did loose over 3 hours in the ordeal. Now we don’t have any excuses.

Today was a productive day. We took drastic action with he Z axis. Last night I started to redesign it. Today Camilo quickly took over the CAD modeling, I visited one of our suppliers and found and bought the material for the new spindle housing. I also had a meeting with Andres and Milton. Andres will be helping with programming of EMC that is a flavor of CNC Linux, and Milton will be helping with the electrical parts. Tomorrow we will sit down and start drawing the electrical diagram.

Today I got some very good feed back from people. Jesid, for example, made a good point about the machine needing to be more modular so it could fit through smaller doors. He talked about his uncle and how he would love to have one but it would have to fit trough his doors. Its size might turn some people off.

Esteban suggested nailing down the spindle enclosure before proceeding with the Z redesign. That was a good move.

Next some pictures at last:
A rendering of the machine design

Testing the Y axis fit
The team examining the setup.

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