Saturday, February 16, 2008

Saturday 9th

Today was a special day. For the first time in 13 years, I spent my birthday with my parents and family. The day started out well at 8 am. I was in the shop with Jesid and Juan finishing up the weld on the base after all the pieces had been tacked. Once we got done, we thought about flipping the machine over (right side up). See, we welded it upside down over leveling jacks to ensure that the top two faces of the structure which is where the Y-axis rail were as planer as possible. There was a small debate about how to move it. Juan was kind of scared of flipping it over. He was worried that the weight would be to much to bring down with any kind of control. Let use a lever I said, plus it should not be over 400Kg, with the three of us and the machine’s broad stance it should not have been a problem. Well, caution prevailed and we brought over a hand jack/forklift thingy to aid with the job. We left around 1, Jesid was going to come in early on Monday to finish the welds he was not reaching easily before.

The afternoon included a spectacular late lunch prepared by my mom, a cake cutting with relatives in the early evening, and a trip to a night club with my brothers and some of their friends. I have to say I had fun, we talked a ton about fashion and sport baiting suits and danced a bit. I needed to take my mind off CNC machines for the evening.

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