Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Challenge is on

I am starting this blog to keep track a personal challenge. I am setting out to put a project that I led off track back on track, its a personal CNC machine for ~10k USD and I got 6 weeks to accomplish the task.

Here we go........


This project started about 2 and half months ago. Since then I've been doing tons of research, hiring contractors to help with the projects and setting up a relationship with an university in Medellin Colombia to help with the project. The university name is EAFIT and I am contracting with a local Design firm call "De Lapice a Cohete" which translates to From Pencil to Rockets. They have three member, Pedro, Juan and Esteban.

Following I will be blogging about the design process, decision, discussion and general communication between the group and mi self. By the way am based in Cambridge MA but will be spending some time in Medellin to work more efficiently.

Here are some helpful links to start of with

Components resources

My favorite


I want to be like this guys

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