Sunday, January 20, 2008

Availible resources

One of the first things I did as soon I decided we could do this in 6 weeks was call up the crew in Medellin. And I asked to call or go to local steel suppliers and asked them what they had at hand that we may use in the project. The guys came back with this list

I then turn the list into to this diagrams, which when printed on a regular printer was to scale. This is a great way to get a feeling for how big things are, will they hold a thread or welds and most importantly what will fit into what. Remember the viscous shear effect, it relays on concentric structural members with narrow gaps in between.

Next step will be to turn this into a cad library, this way we can easy insert tube members into the design. Juan is working on doing just that over the weekend.

This is a nice segway into talking about design, which I have been thinking and sketching a lot in the last few days. This is the part with lot of drawings so it should be fun. I usually start with pen and paper, before going to cad I like to have mental image o what I want. As the mental image gets more complicated I recourse to pen and paper as a quick way to keep track of all the detail. Plus if you have a hard time drawing something then their may be physical constraints you may not be awarded. The paper or note book drawing are also very important to conveying ideas to the team in Medellin. As I draw out a concept I simply take a picture with cell phone and email it right ways. This way next time we talk they know what is in my head.


The picture bellow are pretty self explanatory

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